We have a great lineup of millennial family caregivers that will hopefully inspire and encourage current and future caregivers and help them recognize their important roles in their families and communities.

The goal of my party this year is to inspire millennials to know they can still accomplish their dreams and do great things while they’re caregiving.

TCG Blogiversary Celebrity Guests

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Showering with Nana: Confessions of a Serial (killer)… Caregiver
and Who Moved my Teeth: Preparing for Self, Loved Ones & Caregiving




Blogiversary Buzz

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED this month. It's been hard for me to keep up. My blogiversary month is coming to Turns 2 Thankful Thursday
The first time I hopped on the weekly #carechat on Twitter (which just so happened to be May 23, 2017),
TCG Blogiversary Video Cover - Sara Bell
Sara is a girl after my own heart, because, like me, she cares for her grandma. We found each other
I met Rick in the Caregiver Collective, a Facebook group for millennials who care. I’m honored to have Rick share
I have been stalking Renee for the longest after I found her on Twitter.. She is kind of like Penny
TCG blogiversary video cover - lora williams
Lora is someone I have the privilege of personally knowing in real life. (What’s  real life anymore, anyway?) When I
TCG blogiversary video cover - jenn chan
Jenn Chan is from the San Francisco Bay Area and she cared for her grandma for a decade. I met
Thank you for blessing us with your presence here at! Welcome to the celebration! Caregiving, even though it is
TCG blogiversary guest Renee King
Today, I am introducing you to my final Celebrity Guest who will be appearing at the TCG Blogiversary on Thursday!
TCG TURNS 2 Challenges
Nobody’s perfect. Even though you might see me as a "caregiving expert," I am still human. I have my stumbles.
TCG blogiversary celebrity guest Lora Williams
Lora Williams is a millennial caregiver living in Kansas City. She will be appearing at the TCG Blogiversary Party. Lora
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Sometimes you need a jump start to get your mood right for the day. This playlist is the perfect soundtrack Turns 2 Making Caregiversaries a thing
Dates can hold a lot of weight for us. They are tangible reminders of past turning points, wins, traumas and Turns 2 Thankful Thursday
The next Thankful Thursday shout out I want to give is to Julie Wiley at Simple Living Solutions. Julie is
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Today, in honor of’s One Year Blogiversary, we are looking back at the victories over my past year of
Grandma and I hope you enjoy this performance for the blogiversary! When I left tonight, she said, "I feel
TCG Turns 2 Introducing Blog Party Celebrity Guest Sara Bell
Sara Bell is a girl after my own heart because she, too, takes care of her grandma. I met Sara Chill TF Out Playlist
Sometimes as caregivers, we have moments where we just need to lay back and chill TF OUT! This playlist is Turns 2 Thankful Thursday
Every week during my blogiversary, I love to give a shout out of gratitude to someone who has made a
Welcome to the party! Turns 2
Today, I am celebrating because TakingCareofGrandma has been live for TWO years! During the entire month of May, we will Turns 2 Memorable Moments
Today, in honor of's TWO Year Blogiversary, we are looking back at TCG's most memorable moments over the past
Introducing Blog Party Celebrity Guest Jenn Chan Cared for: Grandma Claim to Fame: Creator of Caregiver Cards and Founder & CEO at the Senior Shower Project
It's time for you to meet another one of my blogiversary party guests, and she is just so perfect for
Introducing Blog Party Celebrity Guest Rick Cabral Cares for Grandpa Claim to Fame: Hard working husband and devoted grandson
Rick Cabral is a millennial family caregiver who cares for his grandfather. It was so great getting to know Rick
Next month, right here at, I will be celebrating my second year of blogging with a month-long blog party Turns 2 Blog Party Celebrity Guests Announced
The blogiversary is right around the corner. If you know me, you know I like to make a huge

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