TCG blogiversary celebrity guest Lora Williams

INTRODUCING TCG Blogiversary Celebrity Guest: Lora Williams

Lora Williams is a millennial caregiver living in Kansas City. She will be appearing at the TCG Blogiversary Party.

Lora & I have a small world story. Her boyfriend is a good friend of mine (we used to work together) and for years I knew of her. Last year, by fortuitous circumstance I attended the WordPress conference in Kansas City. I knew she was attending from her tweets so I sought her out, wanting someone I “knew” to sit with 😉

As we got to know each other, I discovered that she had been taking care of her mom since she was a child. And there you have it. It was the first time I ever met someone right here in town that was a family caregiver, too.

Lora is an amazing person. She is a super-fly marketer at a local ad agency. She is a budding philanthropist- raising thousands of dollars for Extra Life… and as if that weren’t enough, she’s also in a band that performs at renaissance festivals all over the country. All in addition to helping her mom. She is super #active.

In our time together, Lora talked about

  • her caregiving role and responsibilities and how they’ve changed over time
  • the financial impacts of caregiving
  • how TALKING ABOUT IT has helped her cope, and
  • the spoon theory

Check out Lora’s Band, Clearly Guilty, here:
Give Lora some money (for ExtraLife) here:

I’m so glad I got to know her as a person, and I am super excited to have her back for my second blogiversary. Meet Lora and hear her caregiving story right here at on May 23. At the celebration, you will meet her and four other amazing family caregivers. I promise you will be inspired!!!

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