Taking Care of Calvin: Counting the Many Blessings

If you’ve been following my caregiving chronicles lately, you might know that a dear friend of mine, Calvin, who I had the blessing and privilege of caring for in his last days, passed away last month.

Charged with honoring Calvin’s life, we held a celebration in his home last weekend. I

Here’s to temporary farewells and new adventures.

On February 27, 2018, I handed in my letter of resignation, ending my eight year career at my employer. I wanted to focus on my precious responsibility of taking care of my grandma and my friend Calvin, so I started my own graphic, web and media design & consulting business.

Taking Care of Grandma…. and now Calvin, Too!

Many people are aware that I care for my grandma, but they don’t know about or understand my connection with Calvin. I often call us the ‘Odd Couple,’ because people are always curious about us and how we could possibly be ‘family,’ which is what I normally tell people when

Life Group Gives New Meaning to TGIF (or how Rachel gets ‘respite’)

‘Respite,’ or the opportunity to take breaks from caregiving, whether formal or informal, can be hard to come by for family caregivers.

When I first started taking care of my grandma, my life looked like this: (more…)

You are looking at a Certified Caregiving Consultant™!

A few months after I started this blog, I found Caregiving.com. That point in time changed the course my caregiving trajectory in a way that I never expected.


I completed my final activity for the certification, a webinar (Reach for the Star: Integrating Supports for Caregiving), last week.

Today, I am honored

My CCC Webinar: Reach for the Star: Integrating Supports for Caregiving

This past week, I had the honor of presenting a webinar on Caregiving.com.

In September, I began the Certified Caregiving Consultant training offered by Caregiving.com. We had a check list of activities to complete before we could become officially certified. My final task to become certified was to host a webinar

Caring for someone 55+? Switch to T-Mobile and you both can save!

My grandma’s companion, Karen, is a T-mobile subscriber and a few months ago, she shared the T-Mobile ONE plan with me.

With the T-Mobile ONE plan, for anyone over 55+, you get two lines a for a total of $60 a month (before taxes) with automatic payments. All you have to

Blazing a Trail for other Family Caregivers: MODHSS Caregiver of the Month

Each month, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MO DHSS) recognizes a family caregiver who is dedicated to caring for a family member or friend that needs support.

Last week, I received a call from the MO DHSS informing me that I had been nominated for Caregiver of the


At my grandma’s church, people are constantly walking up to us and asking me if I’m “the Granddaughter.” Every time I hear them say “the granddaughter,” I think of The Godfather and I laugh.

At first, I was kind of irritated at the fact that I didn’t have a name and

You’ve just won $3.5 Million Dollars! (or Why I put Grandma’s phone on Do Not Disturb)

I thought when we locked up her debit and credit cards and checks and financial information, we would be safe from people getting her money without my knowledge. Was I in for a revelation! 

Earlier this year, I was on a mission to find a better way of blocking calls to