Introducing Blog Party Celebrity Guest Jenn Chan Cared for: Grandma Claim to Fame: Creator of Caregiver Cards and Founder & CEO at the Senior Shower Project

INTRODUCING TCG Blogiversary Celebrity Guest: Jenn Chan

It’s time for you to meet another one of my blogiversary party guests, and she is just so perfect for our party!!

Jenn Chan is a millennial from the Bay Area who cared for her grandma for a decade and is now using her caregiving experience to change the lives of other family caregivers.

I met Jenn and found out about her awesome work at the 2018 National Caregiving Conference. Jenn launched the Senior Shower Project and Caregiver Cards, and she’s going to tell you all about it at the TCG Blogiversary!

In our time together, Jenn shared her journey from the single life, to taking care of Grandma, and to launching her own business. Her story resonated with me big time!

Jenn had a lot of great things to say about self-care, including how she cured her caregiving stress with dancing, and how to make it more meaningful when you get a chance to take a break.

I can’t wait for you to hear Jenn’s story at the TCG Blogiversary part on May 23! At the celebration, you will meet Jenn and four other amazing family caregivers. I promise you will be inspired!!!

Because Jenn wants to celebrate caregivers, she’s offering up a sweet deal for my blogiversary!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER for my loyal followers
Thanks to the Senior Shower Project, YOU, my dear reader, can get 10% discount on online Caregiver Card orders during month of May at the Caregiver Cards online store. The promo code is TCGTURNS2.
This code starts on 5/1 and expires on 5/31. 

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Photo: Caregiver Cards from the Senior Shower Project