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Welcome to takingcareofgrandma.com.

I’ve been supporting my grandma to age in place since 2015. It has been quite the journey. Since that time, I’ve learned more than I ever want to know about what it’s like to grow old in today’s world.

I am not alone. It is estimated that there are 40 million family caregivers like myself in the United States, caregivers who provide 37 billion hours of care to an adult with limitations in daily activities, many of whom are providing care at no cost to anyone (but perhaps themselves) in the amount of $470 billion.

As we face a demographic crisis where many seniors in the United States are retiring out of the work force (many of whom are employed caring for those who currently need assistance), a service system that is incapable of providing services to all who need them due to limited funding, and growing healthcare costs which create a burden for those seeking long term care, increasing numbers of today’s generation of grandkids just like myself are going to be forced to assume the role of family caregiver to someone they love.

Like the millions of other people providing care to their loved ones, there have been times where I have felt completely alone and overwhelmed with nowhere to turn, not even knowing the questions to ask to point us in the right direction. I started this blog with people like me in mind.

I share my own personal experiences, including what I wish I’d known and lessons I’ve learned about life and people, as well as practical advice and tips for making caregiving easier.

My goals at takingcareofgrandma.com are to:

  • Help others know it’s possible to support their relative who needs care to stay at home,
  • Show primary family caregivers that they are not alone, 
  • Underline the moral imperative for caregiving, 
  • Reinforce the right to age in place and  integrated supports, 
  • Educate people on the reality of nursing homes, 
  • Provide practical tips on and highlight resources for caregiving, 
  • Emphasize the importance of respite to prevent caregiver burnout, 
  • Share advice and comfort for stressful situations, and 
  • Give you an inside look into the realities of caregiving and aging. 

Who is this blog for?

  • Adult millennial grandchildren caring for grandparents, parents, or other aging loved ones
  • Families who can’t afford institutional long term care in a nursing homes or assisted living
  • Other caregivers and support providers
  • Anyone else who wants to know what it’s like to be the primary caregiver to an aging relative

I hope you enjoy this ride with me as I fumble my way around helping my grandma enjoy her golden years, and you will share your own experiences and advice so that we can support each other to do what’s best for everyone!


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