Introducing Blog Party Celebrity Guest Rick Cabral Cares for Grandpa Claim to Fame: Hard working husband and devoted grandson

INTRODUCING TCG Blogiversary Celebrity Guest: Rick Cabral

Rick Cabral is a millennial family caregiver who cares for his grandfather.

It was so great getting to know Rick and very important to me to share his experience because the male family caregiver experience is often overlooked. However, research shows that millennials are caring in increasing numbers. In fact, nearly half (47 percent) of millennial
family caregivers are men (AARP, 2018)

In our time together, Rick shared what it was like to care for both of his grandparents, then support his grandfather through the loss of his grandmother, and help him through the transition to assisted living.

Rick (like many other millennials), at times, struggled to find a work-life-caregiving balance, but managed to find the love of his life, who even went out on dates with Rick and his grandpa.

Rick touched on the guilt that caregivers often feel while trying to pursue their own life aspirations and the common feelings of loss and remorse that caregivers have when their loved ones have to move into a facility.

One of my favorite things Rick shared during our interview was the following quote:

I can’t wait for you to hear Rick’s story at the TCG Blogiversary part on May 23! At the celebration, you will meet Rick and four other amazing family caregivers. I promise you will be inspired!!!

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