TCG Blogiversary Video Cover - Sara Bell

Sara & Grandma Hit the Road

Sara is a girl after my own heart, because, like me, she cares for her grandma. We found each other in the Caregiver Collective, a Facebook group for millennial family caregivers.

Sara Bell is a millennial boss. Literally, she runs her own company teaching other people how to be bosses at event management.

Not only is she steering her own ship as a business woman, she is also a published author. Sara wrote a children’s book called, Nana Forgot My Name.

Sara inspired me when she told me about

  • taking her grandma on a cross-country road trip (jealous because my gma would never go for anything like that)
  • bringing her grandma out of her dementia shell, and
  • personifying Alzheimer’s to separate challenging behaviors from her grandma’s identity

Sara also shared her experience searching for a top notch Memory Care Facility for her grandma and the challenges of that process. You can tell Sara cares for her grandma deeply through her desire for a place that would focus on her social and emotional needs, not just her health and safety.

It was a pleasure getting to know Sara and hearing her journey. I know you will just love her smile and story like I did.

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Link: Buy the book, Nana Forgot My Name on Amazon


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