Renee, the millennial caregiving technology powerhouse

I have been stalking Renee for the longest after I found her on Twitter.. She is kind of like Penny Lane to me. That’s because Renee is an emerging leader in caregiving tech. As a person who is obsessed with tech myself, I fell in love immediately!

Renee took home second place in last year’s AARP Innovation Grand Pitch Competition Finale. 

Renee was caring for both of her parents. Recently she lost her mom. She isn’t letting that stop her from making an amazing difference for millennial caregivers everywhere.

In this interview with Renee, you will feel what she is feeling when she shares

  • the challenges of navigating the complex service system
  • how it felt to watch her mom decline
  • what life is like after the loss of her mother

She told me about launching TechUrElders and how she is working to help millennials learn about how they can use technology to alleviate the burden of providing care to a loved one.


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2 thoughts on “Renee, the millennial caregiving technology powerhouse

  1. Renee is a champion. We need to see behind the curtain what folks in her situation are facing and how they are responding. Renee gives us that. Very cool advise. <3

    1. Gael, you are spot on! If we sugarcoat it, nobody will know what to truly expect when it’s their turn to care. I truly appreciate Renee opening up to me and being honest about her experience!

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