TCG blogiversary video cover - lora williams

Lora: “I would not be who I am if it wasn’t for being a caregiver.”

Lora is someone I have the privilege of personally knowing in real life. (What’s  real life anymore, anyway?) When I met her, I was just blown away by how cool she is. We have a small world story. At a WordPress conference, we discovered we were both caring for a loved one.

Lora has been caring for her mom for a long time. She began caring for her mom as a child. Lora is not uncommon. Chances are, you know someone like Lora, but because young caregivers are rarely talked about in the caregiving space.

I got to use the BLEEP sound in this raw interview with Lora. In our interview, Lora doesn’t hold back when she:

  • described her experience as a young caregiver and how it helped shape her world view
  • touched on how her caregiving role has made an impact on major life decisions and her finances, and
  • underlined the importance of talking about it (with others and professionals)

Lora is a member of the band Clearly Guilty and she is raising money for Extra Life. I’m proud that she is representing millennial caregivers and I know that she has a very bright future!

Check out Lora’s Band, Clearly Guilty, here: 
Give Lora some money (for ExtraLife) here: