Rick’s Story: going from bachelor pad with Grandpa to the Memory Care Facility

I met Rick in the Caregiver Collective, a Facebook group for millennials who care.

I’m honored to have Rick share his experience as a male millennial caregiver. Rick cares for his grandpa.

My interview with Rick helped reinforce the falsehoods of two common misconceptions about caregiving:

  1. caregiving is a female thing. Within the millennial generation, it’s almost a 50/50 split between males and females.
  2. caregiving is not location-based. It doesn’t matter where you nor your caree live… whether you live together or separately, close by or far apart, if you are contributing to the well-being and daily life of someone you love, you are a caregiver.

Watch this video and lean in as Rick shares

  • how he feels he was in a right-place-right-time situation
  • the emotions and challenges involved in watching his grandpa decline
  • and how he is recovering as a “post-caregiver” and coping with guilt after his grandpa transitioned to a facility.

In our interview, Rick shared the importance of reaching out for help, as well as not getting caught up on comparing your caregiving sandwich to that of others.

Rick is a great guy and an example for many to follow. His love and commitment to his grandpa shines through his story.

I love that he found a lady willing to support his caregiving role. Join me in wishing them the best of luck for a long and happy future!