TCG blogiversary video cover - jenn chan

Jenn took care of Grandma and she is “happy to do it all again.”

Photo: large group of millennial women and men at the National Caregiving Conference in 2018

Jenn Chan is from the San Francisco Bay Area and she cared for her grandma for a decade. I met her last year at the National Caregiving Conference when we hijacked the conference for a huge millennial caregiver selfie.

I love Jenn because she is in the BUSINESS of celebrating caregiving! I figured, who better than the founder of The Senior Shower Project to kick off this blogiversary party!

In our interview, Jenn got real on

  • how her perspective on life has changed since she became a caregiver,
  • how caregiving fueled a new idea for her startup, The Senior Shower Project, and
  • the importance of self care and how she found dancing to be a strategy for coping with feeling overwhelmed with caregiving responsibility.

I know after watching her video, you will think Jenn is as cool as I do. Her free, open spirit is infectious.


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  2. Comment below who you care(d) for and what you do for self care and coping with stress as a caregiver.

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