Long Term Care Calculator

Determining how you will pay for long term care can feel like a daunting task. If you’re like me, crunching numbers and forecasting shortfalls and surpluses isn’t your forte.

I created the first prototype of this calculator years ago after a year in the caregiving trenches. Day after day, I would go to work and then come home for a few minutes just to leave again for “the second shift.” Weekends? What was there to look forward to?

I needed some help. But I had a lot of questions.

TakingCareofGrandma.com presents The Long Term Care Calculator

Exactly *how much* help could my grandma afford?

I knew my grandma’s long term care insurance policy would provide some coverage, but how many hours of the day would it fund?

When Grandma needs more help, is she going to be able to afford it? (In other words, how long will I be able to pay private caregivers in her home?)

One of my personal philosophies in life is, “When in doubt, make a spreadsheet.” And the Long Term Care Calculator was born.

The Long Term Care Calculator is a worksheet that can help you calculate how much your loved one’s long term care costs will be and how they might change over time so you can plan for the road ahead.

Watch this video to see how the calculator works!

What’s Included

What you get with the Long Term Care Calculator:

Screenshot: TCG Long Term Care Calculator

1 An editable worksheet* to help you calculate how much your loved one’s long term care costs will be and how they might change over time

2 A user-friendly guide to walk you through filling it out.

*editable in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel


Your investment in the Long Term Care Calculator is $9.95.

Get Started

Get peace of mind and download the Long Term Care Calculator today.

I hear you, but…

I’m not good at math.

That’s okay! All you need to know is:

  1. how much you want to pay your caregivers
  2. how many hours of help you want or need
  3. your loved one’s income
  4. your loved one’s expenses
  5. any long term care insurance daily benefit amounts.

The rest of the numbers add up on their own. Even if you just have ballpark figures, that will work.

I don’t have Microsoft Excel.

Never fear! Google Apps is here!

Do you have a Google account? You can download the sheet and upload it into Google Sheets to figure out your loved one’s long term financial future.

What you can expect when you download the Long Term Care Calculator

When you have all the information in front of you, it’s easier to make decisions. You will have a better idea of

  • how much you can pay your caregivers,
  • how many hours of help you can afford, and
  • how your loved one’s care costs will change over time.

These are all things you want to know, right?

Sign me up!

About Me

Rachel is a 30-something millennial who has been caring for her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, since 2015. Rachel is one of the 2019 Family Caregiver of the Year Award winners at Caregiving.com.

She is a Certified Caregiving Consultant™, Certified Caregiving Educator™ and Certified Caregiving Facilitator™.

She owns her own graphic & web design business. When she’s not busy being the boss at nth degree or the HCIC, she makes spreadsheets 😉

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my loved one need long term care insurance for this to calculator to work?

NO. This calculator will help you no matter how you plan to pay for their care, whether its cash money, rental income, or their long term care insurance.

Do I have to hire private caregivers for this calculator to work?

NO. Whether you are looking for your own helpers, exploring going through an agency, or thinking about facilities, you should be able to use this calculator to determine how much their care will cost.

How long will it take to complete this exercise?

Results will vary based on your unique situation. If you have all the paperwork or figures in front of you, you can whiz right through this in an hour or two. You may have to do some digging first. You can always feel free to put ballpark figures in the calculator until you have the concrete numbers.

Have more questions?

Contact me at rachel@rachelh15.sg-host.com if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.