Graphic: 1 Year Anniversary Memorable Moments

One Year of Blogging: Top Ten Most Memorable Moments

Today, in honor of’s One Year Blogiversary, we are looking back at TCG’s most memorable moments over the past year, as selected by YOU! Yes, that’s right, according to TCG’s site stats, the articles below were the most popular. Check it out!

10“Help I’ve Fallen!” Medical Alert Device Roundup

In this post, I shared the research I did on personal alert devices when we were deciding which one would make sense for Grandma.



9 You’ve just won $3.5 Million Dollars! (or Why I put Grandma’s phone on Do Not Disturb)

This post shared my frustration with fake bill collectors and spam calls invading my grandma’s iPhone and what steps I took to eliminate this problem and have peace of mind.



8 #ManicMonday: Managing Grandma’s Medications

In this Manic Monday post, I shared my own personal strategy to ensure I am on top of Grandma’s medicine and help me cut back on the mania!



7 Using technology to keep Grandma safe

In this blog article, I shared the steps I went through to convince my grandma technology was needed if she wanted to age in place at home and the solutions we chose to keep her safe.


6 Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth: United Healthcare AARP House Calls

This post highlights an awesome service provided by United Healthcare/AARP. Check it out!



5May 23, 2015: My own personal day that will live in infamy

This post describes the day my caregiving journey began and the events that ensued.



4 Manic Monday: Grandma’s Daily Organizer

In this Manic Monday post, I shared a solution I created to help Grandma remember her daily routine and keep track of what is going on with her health from day to day.



3Rachel Clears the Air on Nursing Homes

This post explains my stance on nursing homes and dispels common myths about nursing homes keeping people safe.



2 Taking Care of Grandma…. and now Calvin, Too!

In this post, I shared my experience taking care of Calvin, a close personal friend, at the end of his life after being abandoned by the service system.



1 Caring Village: An Answer to Prayers of Family Caregivers Everywhere

This post features a caregiving app that we have been using to make sure that everyone is on the same page.



Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find these blog posts helpful and they give you ideas of how you might be able to support a loved one you are caring for. Blogiversary
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