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A few months after I started this blog, I found That point in time changed the course my caregiving trajectory in a way that I never expected.


I completed my final activity for the certification, a webinar (Reach for the Star: Integrating Supports for Caregiving), last week.

Today, I am honored


At my grandma’s church, people are constantly walking up to us and asking me if I’m “the Granddaughter.” Every time I hear them say “the granddaughter,” I think of The Godfather and I laugh.

At first, I was kind of irritated at the fact that I didn’t have a name and

Caring Village: An Answer to Prayers of Family Caregivers Everywhere

I, like all other family caregivers, I am always looking for tools to help me manage my caregiving role. Like most missions, caregiving means employing a combination of strategies to achieve success.

I have been using a combination of the following:

a very large calendar,
written notes, menus, and schedules on dry

Wordless Wednesday: Almost Perfect

It is what it is. I found matching paint.

Welcome to

Welcome to

I’ve been supporting my grandma to age in place for about two years now. It has been quite the journey. Since that time, I’ve learned more than I ever want to know about what it’s like to grow old in today’s world.

I am not alone. It is estimated that