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Caring Village: An Answer to Prayers of Family Caregivers Everywhere

I, like all other family caregivers, I am always looking for tools to help me manage my caregiving role. Like most missions, caregiving means employing a combination of strategies to achieve success.

I have been using a combination of the following:

  • a very large calendar,
  • written notes, menus, and schedules on dry erase boards,
  • the custom daily sheets I made for Grandma to keep track of my priority concerns
  • emails and texts to Grandma’s helper and my tribe
  • my own Google calendar
  • written sticky notes to myself on my desk at work
  • reminders from Siri
  • my weekly planner app

When you do anything long enough, it becomes second nature to you. Even though I thought I had it down pat,  I have been crying out for a better system.

I found one tool that literally replaces all of these things. And it is completely free. Meet Caring Village.

I recently found Caring Village on Twitter in my constant search to connect with resources that could help me in my caregiving role. I visited their website and fell in love immediately. I signed up right away and started setting it up. That was three weeks ago, and I feel like my stress level has decreased about 20%. We are still learning and getting used to using it, but between me and Grandma’s helper, it has truly been a Godsend.

Caring Village has tons of great features, including:

  • Available in your browser, and as an app both in the App Store for iPhone users or the for Androids in the Google Play store.
  • The ability to set up as many villages as you want, too, so if you are responsible for more than one person, it can really help you out!
  • No limit to the number of members in your village, and they can each personalize the amount of notifications they receive from the app.
  • Sweet checklists to help you assess where you stand on key aspects of safety and security and medical issues
  • Shared to do lists, where members can volunteer to take care of things and a shared calendar so everyone can see what’s going on.
    Graphic: Screenshot of To Dos Screen - Caring Village |
  • The Wellness Journal gives you the ability to track the person’s overall activities and important notes and their mood. I have been trying to typing literally everything we do and everything I know that I think will be helpful in here each day before I leave. You can add pictures to the entries, so last week I posted the week plan with my entry on Sunday. Graphic: Screenshot of Wellness Journal Screen - Caring Village |
  • The Care Plan feature lets you add specific things you want to keep track of from day-to-day.
    Graphic: Screenshot of Care Plans Screen - Caring Village |

You can even store important documents in your village and add your caree’s medication’s.

I have only begun using it and already can’t live without it!

If you are a family caregiver, I encourage you to check it out. So far it is working great for our small, but mighty team, but I see how it could be a lifesaver for all kinds of families, including those where a number of people are helping to care for their caree(s) or family members are spread out and providing support long distance. There is truly nothing like it out there!