Photo: Gael Chiarella Alba, Chief Bosslady of Yokibics

TCG Blogiversary: Meet Gael

First to join us at the TCG Blogiversary Party is Gael Chiarella Alba, who is a former caregiver for many.

In this video, Gael shares who she is, who she’s cared for, and what her family dynamics look like.

In videos to come, Gael will share with us how she has been blessed by being a caregiver, some of the common challenges caregivers face, and her tools and advice for family caregivers to be their best selves while caring for a loved one.

Is your experience similar to Gael’s? We’d love to hear from you. Drop a line in the comments!

Next Up

Next, I will introduce you to Lora Williams, a 20-something marketing powerhouse from Kansas City, MO. Stick with us for the TCG Blogiversary!