Photo: Lora Williams, a millennial/young carer bad ass

TCG Blogiversary: Meet Lora

Young Carer Turned Millennial Caregiver

Next up at the TCG Blogiversary Party is Lora Williams, who began her caregiving journey in elementary school as a young carer and is now balancing a millennial caregiving sandwich.

Lora is the long-time girlfriend of a friend of mine, but I never met her in real life until a couple months ago when we attended the WordCamp KC conference. Her story knocked my socks off!

Her story struck a chord with me, because as she was telling me about her life, I remembered doing a lot of the same things for my own mom when I was in elementary school and she was struggling with Congestive Heart Failure.

In this video, Lora shares who she is, who she cares for, and what her family dynamics look like.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Lora as much as I did.


Is your experience similar to Lora’s? We’d love to hear from you. Drop a line in the comments!

Next Up

Next, I will introduce you to Debra Hallisey, a family caregiver from New Jersey and solopreneur. Stick with us for the TCG Blogiversary!