TCG Blogiversary: Welcome to the Party!

All month long we've been celebrating's one year anniversary, or BLOGIVERSARY!! We've already had a great month so far. I rolled out a blog redesign and looked back on the past year of caregiving and blogging.

Today (the day I refer to as my 'caregiversary,') the festivities have culminated into a crash course in caregiving. I am celebrating my caregiving journey by sharing the stories of other caregivers, all of whom have very unique perspectives and insights into the world.

I hope you will join us throughout the day, when we will release videos from these special guests. There is a great lineup!

Thanks so much for logging on to Party on!

The first round of videos will introduce you to our featured party guests. I hope you learn as much from them as I did!

Gael Chiarella Alba,

Lora Williams, a millennial/young carer bad ass

Lora Williams,
Millennial Marketer

Deb Hallisey,
Advocate for Mom & Dad

Saskia Jennings,

Karen Cunningham,
Renaissance woman

Then, look for videos with unique perspectives from each of these rockstar caregivers on the following topics:

Taking the Good
with the Bad

Caring for
the Caregiver

of Wisdom

Then, join us right here at - on the Blogiversary page - at 7pm central time for a live celebration!