Life Group Gives New Meaning to TGIF (or how Rachel gets ‘respite’)

‘Respite,’ or the opportunity to take breaks from caregiving, whether formal or informal, can be hard to come by for family caregivers.

When I first started taking care of my grandma, my life looked like this: (more…)

Dancing with the Stars at Grandma’s House

My grandma loooooooves TV. Her life kind of revolves around the TV. Even before she got sick, she watched the same soap operas and game shows faithfully for as long as I can remember. She is meticulous about recording shows she wants to watch and could spend all day watching

Decking Grandma’s halls for Halloween

I have always liked to add some holiday flair to my house when there is a special day coming up, and I do the same thing with Grandma.

Today, we hit up the Dollar Tree to get her living room ready for Halloween. It didn’t cost very much, and it got

#WordlessWednesday #takingcareofgrandma

Found this waiting for me after a two day business trip followed by a two day trip out of town for a funeral. Secured with her winnings from going to bingo with Karen

Rachel Clears the Air on Nursing Homes

I may have made a few comments about nursing homes at this point that may have given people the impression that I am against nursing homes.


First, let’s make sure we are all on the same page about nursing homes and what they do/how they work. Nursing homes go by many