Extreme Respite Room Makeover

A month or so ago, my grandma had a bowel blockage that had her feeling awful. We had to keep a pretty close eye on her, and I pulled a couple of all-nighters.

She began asking if someone was going to stay with her all night.

I knew that it was time to start preparing for overnight care.

You know how people have junk drawers? Grandma’s house had a junk ROOM. It was the place I put anything we weren’t using or I wanted to get out of my sight.

This was the perfect opportunity to knock out a task that had been hanging on my to-do list for months: clean out the front bedroom.

I just knew that Karen would be the perfect person for this job. She got all the stuff to make this a comforting, calming place to be.

Over the course of the past few weeks, this room has transformed to a respite oasis.


Empty junk room


Now, we are ready for whatever (or whoever) comes our way!

A round of applause for Super Fly Karen, who hooked this room UP! 👏👏👏