TakingCareofGrandma.com presents The Long Term Care Calculator

PRESENTING.. The Long Term Care Calculator!

I created this calculator long ago before I brought in her Sidekicks to help me see how much it would cost.

Instead of letting it collect dust, I made some tweaks so you can use it to see how much care will cost for your loved one, and forecast the cost of increases of care.

Whether you are leveraging your loved one’s private assets or using a long term care insurance policy to pay for some of their care, this calculator can not only help you figure out how much you can pay your caregivers, but also forecast how much your loved one’s care might cost over time as their needs change.

Join me LIVE!

I will be hosting a LIVE webinar to walk you through how to use the calculator Wednesday, August 7 at 8:00pm central.

To save your seat up for the webinar, go here: http://bit.ly/TCGLTCC