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Just over four years ago, I began caring for my grandma. I cared for her by myself (pretty much) for two years before bringing in help.

Like many others caring for their loved ones, there were times I refused to accept the fact that other people care for my grandma how I would care for her.

I thought hiring outside help would be too much for me to deal with at the time. So I kept putting it off. And putting it off. “I’ll just think about this later.”

I can honestly say that one of my few regrets is not doing it sooner.

I could have freed up so much more time and prevented some major detours on my path to fame and fortune 

I can never get that time back, but hopefully, you can save yourself some precious time and get out from underneath all that caregiving.

If you’ve been looking at hiring private caregivers, the Head Caregiver in Charge Handbook is for you.

It will show you how to hire private caregivers the right way. Once you follow the steps outlined in the Handbook, you will be running your very own in-home care business focused on your loved one.

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Many people are already doing something like this, but they’re paying cash under the table.

That’s okay, but it’s kind of risky. I address the risks in the Handbook.

Sure, it requires some energy and effort on your end. Getting everything up and running is the hardest part. Once you have everything going smoothly, you can get back to your dreams and aspirations before you became a caregiver.

That’s right, an added bonus of becoming an HCIC is the ability to compartmentalize caregiving.

What? You mean I’ll have time that’s guilt and worry free?

Of course, always in the back of our minds, we fret over our loved ones’ safety and security, but once you know you have a solid support team in place, you will actually be able to turn your brain off and get back to your life. You will have regular time throughout the week you can count on to get things done and accomplish your goals.

What are you waiting for?

Do it today! Become the Head Caregiver in Charge

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