Graphic: 1 Year Blogiversary VICTORIES

One Year of Blogging: VICTORIES!

Today, in honor of’s One Year Blogiversary, we are looking back at the victories over my past year of caregiving and blogging.

While I try to cherish every moment, here are some that have been especially sweet:

1My grandma went two entire calendar years without any hospitalizations.
If it weren’t for the most recent one, I would be able to say I had fully recovered 😉



2We have a starting lineup of serious all stars to support my grandma!
The roster
features the one and only Karen, Kickass Karlin, and Lovely Leslie! Thanks to these ladies, I have some guilt free time where I know she is in great hands. She loves each and every one of them.


3I was invited to attend the National Caregiving Conference!
NCC17 was a life-changing experience for me. I met a ton of new friends and learned about so many amazing topics, strategies, and resources. I’m definitely going to be making the pilgrimage from here on out!



4I completed the Certified Caregiving Consultant certification offered by
It really opened my eyes to what it looks like to be helpful to family caregivers and connected me with a very dynamic and skilled network of fellow family caregivers I can tap into! I highly recommend it for anyone who works with family caregivers or is a current or former family caregiver trying to figure out how to make an impact. 


6I was nominated for and received the MODHSS Caregiver of the Month award.
This was a great honor! I am always glad to share my story to help and inspire others to embrace the high honor of caregiving, and this was a great way to help me carry my message further. You can read about it here:


6I was LISTED!
Holy crap, I’m famous!

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I Heart Caregivers

Screenshot: AARP I Heart Caregivers



Feedspace Top 50 Caregiver Blogs
and Websites To Follow in 2018


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Caregiving Advice for All Ages and Stages
VOICES blog 






I can’t wait to see what triumphs we will see in the year to come!

I hope you will follow along with us on our adventures over the next 365 days and stick around with me for the TCG Blogiversary Party activities throughout the month! Blogiversary
Coming up:

Tomorrow, May 10, I will share a story of how a one-on-one connection with another family caregiver changed my perspective and has likely saved my grandma’s life as a result.

Next week, Wednesday, May 16, I will look at the challenging moments over the past year.

Be sure and join us for the Blogiversary Party on May 23, 2018! We will feature videos from real life caregivers from all walks of life.

Watch for the roll out of a new logo and a extreme blog redesign by the end of the month!

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