Screenshot: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Not feelin the holiday spirit? There’s nothing wrong with you

If looking at Facebook Memories this month has made you cry, you are not alone.

It’s the holiday season! Time for presents and big meals and delicious sweets and good cheer…. right?

Not for everyone. If you’re feeling like, “whoop-de-do,” don’t worry. It’s natural sometimes.

For some of us, especially after or amidst a caregiving experience, we’re at a point in our adult lives where the magic and whimsy of the holiday season literally has no effect. We are awakened to that which is truly valuable in life, and we can’t latch on to the commercialism and consumerism of the season.

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones. For some of us, the thought of getting together with our families has us reaching for the Pepto Bismol or a wine glass, because we don’t have the same warm, loving relationships like the ones that are shown in the mass media.

Some of us have lost a close person in our lives and are having a time dealing with the empty space next to them at the typical traditions. If looking at Facebook Memories this month has made you cry, you are not alone.

If you’ve experienced a loss, don’t have the best family relationships, or maybe you just had a rough year, it’s normal to feel like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

No matter what your reason, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty (including yourself) for not catching the holiday spirit.

It’s hard not to get down on ourselves, but we have enough to deal with without making ourselves feel like we aren’t human or have some kind of disease when we find ourselves switching the station when the Christmas tunes come on or passing on invites from friends and family to holiday parties.

Try to find one small thing that YOU enjoy about the holidays you can do to spark the whimsy and warmth of the season. Take some time to show yourself some love.. and then, just maybe, like Charlie Brown’s tree, you’ll start to perk up a little.

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