Graphic: reads Its Only Temporary in the center, with a clock, hourglass, calendar, sun, heart, flower icons

“It’s only temporary”

Everything is ephemeral.

Joy and laughter. Pain and suffering. Trials and tribulations. Love. It’s all fleeting.

I tell myself, “It’s only temporary” at least a half a dozen times a day.

At first, it was self talk I used to get myself through difficult situations. Nothing lasts forever, neither will this.

When Calvin was sent home on hospice earlier this year, I turned my life upside down to care for him. I told myself, “It’s only temporary.” I had no idea just how *temporary* that would be.

As I’ve wandered further down my caregiving journey, I discovered there’s more to my mantra than I originally thought:

This *moment* is only temporary.

Now, instead of talking myself through hard times by focusing on the end, I have to live in the moment right now and do my best to make it the best moment it can possibly be. Enjoy and savor the sweet times I have with the people I care about, doing the things I love. I learned those are the moments I will just miss, and miss OUT ON, the most if I focus simply on surviving.