My Caregiver Survival Kit: The Top Ten Tangibles #manicmonday

Over the past few years with my grandma, a few things have become essential to my survival as her primary caregiver. There are tangible items- that is, goods and services I can go out and pay for- and there are intangible items that you can't just find anywhere. In this post, I will share with you the things that I can physically hold or access through technology that have made my life easier.

Photo: Coral red binder with a white piece of paper on the front that reads Barbara


In my next Caregiver Survival Kit post, I will focus on the Intangibles, things you can't just go out and find at the store. These include good relationships and knowledge to make good decisions. 

What items are in your survival kit? What could you not live without as a caregiver? Drop a line in the comments and share what works for you!