Dancing with the Stars at Grandma’s House

My grandma loooooooves TV. Her life kind of revolves around the TV. Even before she got sick, she watched the same soap operas and game shows faithfully for as long as I can remember. She is meticulous about recording shows she wants to watch and could spend all day watching the television. And I hate TV.

One of her favorite shows is Dancing with the Stars. She says she likes it because she used to dance a lot when she was younger with my grandpa.

Sitting for such a long period of time not doing anything is always uncomfortable for me, so i would find myself leaving before the end of the show. A few weeks into this season, I had an idea. I ran by Hobby Lobby and picked up some popsicle sticks and some fancy papers and we made our own judges paddles. Even the process of making the paddles was fun.

When the judges reveal their scores, we show our scores. We laugh and have a good time comparing notes with each other and the judges. I have been writing the scores down, but this week I made a spreadsheet so I can easily sort the scores low to high to help us vote. At the end of each show, we each vote on our phones.

Doing this with Grandma has definitely made watching Dancing with the Stars a more enjoyable experience for both of us. It’s something I’m starting to look forward to each week when Monday rolls around.