The tragic story of Gma's friend Betty |

The Tragic Story of Gma’s Friend, Betty

Back in the days where my grandma was getting along on her own, she had a good friend named Betty.

She and Betty were in the same Bible Study group and they always sat together in the same spot at the front of the church.  I think they took turns driving. My gma always had a date for the monthly senior dinner in her friend Betty. 

While Grandma was recovering from her own issues, Betty ended up in the hospital after being found on the floor from a fall. She passed away.

A couple months later, one of the church staff tried to throw Betty’s unfortunate passing in my face as a reason to “place my grandma.” 

I assured the well-meaning person: that was them and this was us.

The moral of the story is every situation is different. 

That person didn’t know me and probably still could never conceive the fierce commitment and loyalty I hold for my grandma.

Admittedly back when I was all about Rachel I would let 2 days go by without hearing from Gma. But never in modern history has that happened.

If I haven’t heard from her within 20 minutes I’m freaking out. 

Certainly, people who do not have close connections in life—someone that has five minutes in a day to call and check on them and can go by or send someone for a wellness check if they don’t get a return call—should live in an environment where help is right around the corner.

Maybe since Betty was still driving and living alone and seemed to be getting along just fine, nobody thought to ask questions about if that was still working for her. And maybe they believed she was getting along just fine. And maybe she was.

But that doesn’t have anything to do with us. 

Don’t let someone else’s horror story dictate your future.

If I had listened to that person’s suggestion, I would have robbed myself of precious years with Gma I will never be able to get back and an experience that has truly changed my life. 

Has anyone every tried to convince you to do something out of fear? How did you handle the situation? I’d love to hear your experience. Share with me below in the comments.

*Betty’s name has been changed to protect her identity

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  1. Hi Rachel! Yes everyone in my family that should be helping advised me to look into nursing homes versus being a ‘martyr’. I am like you and will do all in my power by God’s grace to keep her at her home. I really admire you for being so young and committed. I know God smiles on you!

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