TCG Blogiversary Special Guest: Gael Chiarella Alba

Gael Chiarella Alba, Chief Bosslady of Yokibics

On May 23, 2018, be sure and join us for the One Year Blogiversary Party! One of our featured family caregivers at the party is Gael Chiarella Alba!

Gael is best known as a meditation teacher and yoga therapist. Gael experienced the joy of family throughout childhood in a Brooklyn walkup with her beloved grandparents living just steps away. She also witnessed enormous everyday stress in both her Grandmother and her Mother as they cared for their spouses through many years of illness, leading her to research the relationship between caring for self and caring for others through psychology, spirituality and the healing arts. In mid-life, her holistic toolbox became the container for managing the traumatic injury care of her own adult son. Her path as a therapist intersected over and over again with her own experience of how we return to balance in caregiving, and ultimately this brought her to the question of how we use our voice. As she walked this path herself, she turned her direction toward Leadership Development for Caregivers. As founder of The Yokibics Institute, she developed mindful trainings for individuals and teams through With a mind, body, spirit embrace, those who care for others are given a framework for engaging this essential role with a peaceful, present, and embodied approach.

Not only is she an amazing teacher and entrepreneur, she is also a Certified Caregiving Consultant.

Gael brings an extensive background in both psychology and holistic healthcare to her mission of caring for the caregiver.  With over 30 years as a mindfulness guide, author, continuing education provider and founder of The Yokibics Institute, Gael brings her training and experience to share with us her journey and tips for family caregivers.

Visit Gael online at and check out her websites!

A huge thanks to Gael for partying with us for TCG’s One Year Blogiversary!

I hope you will join us on May 23, 2018, when we will release videos from real life caregivers from all walks of life.

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