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As an only child, I’ve always loved being the center of attention. TakingCareofGrandma has allowed me to take that desire to captivate audiences to a whole new level by shining a light on our family’s story.

At the end of last year, I received some good news in the form of a phone call: AARP had found me after I turned in our story to I ♥ Caregivers and wanted to know more about us. What a pleasant surprise!

I know! I know! AARP! I was a little confused, too, at first. But AARP figured out something that the aging industry is just now catching on to– family caregivers make life possible for many seniors in the community. So AARP is committed to telling the stories of family caregivers so they know they’re not alone and that there is a wealth of resources and support out there to help them in their journey.

AARP is bringing a special focus to millennial caregivers. Millennial caregivers are everywhere, and they wanted to highlight the diverse voices and unique experiences of family caregivers in our age group.

Screenshot: AARP Caregiver Life Balance Getting to Know a 'Hero' In a Whole New Way

I’m so honored to have our story shared on such an esteemed and large platform! I hope that others far and wide will feel comfort knowing there are others out there like them. Most importantly, I hope that my peers will see that it is possible to help a loved one without giving up on your own dreams and goals.

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