PRESENTING…. Rachel and Barbara’s Small Screen Debut!

I’ve been keeping something from you all! If you know me, you know that I have a hard time keeping things in! I’m SO GLAD it’s finally out so I can share this all over the interwebs!

A couple months ago while we were celebrating the TCG Blogiversary, the SCAN Foundation out of California, contacted me about coming out to KC and interviewing me about my caregiving experience with my grandma. Of course I said, “YES!”


I’m proud to present to you What’s the Story?, a video by created by the SCAN Foundation to kick off the Do You Give a Care campaign.

When I first began my caregiving journey, I felt very isolated. It wasn’t until start the talking about caregiving (by starting this blog) just how many people I know and meet everyday are also caring for someone they love. I realized that there are millions of people like us out there taking care of our loved ones everyday. There are so many of us out there, and we are islands. We have to change that!

I’m partnering with The SCAN Foundation to tell my story to raise awareness, and form an informed, supportive caregiving
community for young people. The Do YOU give a care? movement is empowering advocates to improve the experience for
all Millennials providing care as well as for their loved ones.

Millennials are constantly picked on as being lazy and self-centered.  I am honored to be part of this effort to reframe perceptions of millennials and raise awareness about Millennials who are caregiving. As my friend Deb at said,

“Young caregivers are the unseen soldiers of the caregiving world. With thanks to the SCAN foundation for highlighting these selfless young people.”


I hope this movement will not only bring us closer together, but also help current caregivers identify their important roles so they can get the information they need to support their loved ones and themselves, find opportunities to connect with others, and understand how they can navigate supports.

If you’re a millennial caregiver, join the movement!

Post it to Instagram and Facebook. Tweet it out. Share it to your caregiving groups (if you want some invites, let me know ;)). Write about it and share their materials on your blog. Let’s blast this all over the internet!


Share your story and connect with what they are doing at