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Join Me in our Caregiving Co-op!

Co-ops are often considered a thing of the past. When you think about co-ops, you often travel back to a friendlier time, picturing tight chains of small businesses, intentional communities and community gardens of a past generation.

In the late 1960s and 1970s, the “new wave” of consumer co-ops began. Born out of the ideas and philosophies of the 1960s counterculture, these stores were opened by young and idealistic members. They set up co-ops to fit their beliefs in equality, not to follow their co-op predecessors. 

No, my friends. Co-ops didn’t die out with the idealistic values of the 60s and 70s. Co-ops are the future. Co-ops are now!

Denise, being her selfless self, pours water for her fellow panelists at NCC18

Denise Brown, founder and fearless boss at shared with us trends and predictions that affect our lives in her presentation, The Future of Caregiving at the National Caregiving Conference this past November. One of the predictions she made was that that co-ops are the future. Companies who understand their customers will be a community rather than an individual will win.

Denise has created a powerful opportunity for us to pool our numbers in order to get the best pricing possible on products and services you may need. In addition, we get to make our voices heard by sharing our expertise about products we’d recommend. The co-op creates a platform for our voices to be heard, and not only that, we’re also receiving reimbursement for our VALUABLE time and expertise.

Join us to save on products and services, share equipment and supplies you no longer need, and receive support 

NOW, for a limited time only, you can enjoy an introductory rate of $29.95 for a one-year membership in our new co-op. The price will increase on January 15.

As a member of our co-op, you’ll be able to:

  • Become a affiliate so you can earn as you share about our products and training programs. You earn 10% commission on all sales you generate, including memberships to our co-op and enrollments in our training program.
  • Get VIP Access to the Caregiving Happiness Project with monthly video chat.
  • Share equipment and supplies you no longer need with other co-op members.
  • Enjoy special perks, like special pricing for our national and regional conferences.
  • Participate in monthly virtual meetings where you’ll learn about deals as well as recommended products and services.
  • Be invited to join focus groups held by companies interested in your caregiving experiences, your insights about their product or service, and your challenges that need solutions. At the National Caregiving Conference, focus group participants were offered a $20 gift card for an hour of their time.
  • Receive special pricing on products and services.

I have already signed up! I hope you will too! The more members we have in our co-op, the better our co-op becomes. We have better buying power and more expertise for companies to reimburse.

Join me in the future!

Join us to save on products and services, share equipment and supplies you no longer need, and receive support

Tap into the power of a community that cares. Through our Caregiving Co-op, you can save on products and services, share equipment and supplies you no longer need, receive our support and receive reimbursement for your expertise.