Coming Out from the Rock

A lot of my friends like to say, “DON’T LIVE UNDER A ROCK!” Caregiving is in your future.

With the rising senior population (google: Silver Tsunami), it is inevitable that you or someone close to you will be providing care to a family member or close friend.

In the TCG Coming out from the Rock series, we explored  questions to be asking yourself and your family members to prepare for your caregiving journey as an  Expectant Caregiver™.

Each post is filled with things I wish I would have asked, discussed, or learned about before my own personal journey began.

In each post, we looked at a different aspect of life and featured resource to help you in your investigation.

This series was heavily influenced by The Caregiving Years by Denise Brown, at

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The Series

WHY Coming out from the Rock?

As millennials, the health and happiness of our elders is in our hands.

Regardless of your age or the health of your parents, you need to start a conversation about how your family will meet future long-term care needs.

LeadingAge, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that provides a voice for aging in America, is leading a campaign asking millennials to speak out on the need for long-term services and supports financing options.

With more than 10 million millennials, or one in three people age 20-36, providing care for a loved one and potentially delaying life experiences due to the time and financial cost of caregiving, LeadingAge is leading the conversation about what millennials and lawmakers can do to create sustainable and affordable financing solutions.

Learn more about the campaign and find out how you can get involved at

Follow @leadingage and the hashtag #CarryTheConvo for updates on this campaign to raise awareness around long term supports.