Graphic: 10 million+ Millennial-aged Americans providing care and support for a loved one. #YouGiveaCare

Join Me as a Messenger!

Many of you may be familiar with my story, but you might not know that there are 10 million more people out there just like me. One out of every three Americans younger than 40 are caring for a friend or a loved one.We often struggle to find the balance between our own goals (and day-to-day life) while providing care for someone else. Sometimes we make difficult choices between educational pursuits, career advancement, relationships, and social connections. It can be emotional and isolating.

But today we’re stepping forward and launching a community to share how we give a care and are asking you to join us and answer the question: Do YOU give a care?

I’m partnering with The SCAN Foundation to tell my story to raise awareness, and form an informed, supportive caregiving community for young people.

The Do YOU give a care? movement is empowering advocates to improve the experience for all Millennials providing care as well as for their loved ones.

The Do YOU give a care? campaign is launching next week.

Whether you’re a caregiver just like me, or not, I hope you will show your support, become informed, and join the community.