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The Nest Saga, Part I: Installing the #Nest Smart Thermostat

Installing the Nest Learning Thermostat

9 times out of 10 when my grandma was having trouble with the AC/furnace, it was because she didn’t have the thermostat set right. She was constantly testing my patience over the thermostat. Not to mention several falls were caused by sleepy trips to the thermostat in the middle of the night.

I successfully installed the Nest thermostat for my grandma all by myself. Her heater refused to come on after a spell of warm weather. Thinking that the thermostat might be the problem, I seized the opportunity to install the new one. It literally took me less than 30 minutes. Even the technician from Stuck’s Heating and Cooling who visited to fix the furnace after I installed it said I did a good job. (The problem with the furnace was a thermocouple/sensor issue, thank you very much :D)

When I called her to wake her up in the morning a couple days after we installed it, she said she couldn’t get it warm in there. I pulled it up on my phone and she had the AC turned on. I was able to turn the heat on so it could warm back up. It was at that moment I knew that it was worth every penny.


Benefits besides peace of mind and cool features I’ve noticed since installing the thermostat: 

  • The Nest thermostat on the wall is easier to use than a standard thermostat (you just turn the temperature up and down) when Grandma forgets to adjust the temperature with her phone
  • The screen on the thermostat lights up when someone gets close to it so you can clearly see what temperature it is set on and what mode it is in.
  • The thermostat tells you how long it is going to take to warm up/cool down to the temperature you have specified
  • Nest sends you a monthly report giving you information about your energy usage at a glance 


Photo: Photo of Nest Smart Thermostat turning on!