HCIC Orientation

Before you know it, providing care for a loved one can consume your whole life.

Caregiving isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone. After a while, you just get tired. If you’ve had enough or you want less of it, you still have an option for keeping your loved one at home. 

Maybe you have some great opportunities ahead of you or you have other obligations you need to be freed up for. You’re happy to help, but you are being pulled in other directions.

Get out from underneath all that caregiving by becoming the Head Caregiver in Charge (HCIC).

Join me live

Wednesday, October 16 at
8PM Eastern | 7PM Central | 6PM Mountain | 5PM Pacific
to find out

What the heck is an HCIC?

How I became the HCIC

How YOU can become the HCIC

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I will walk you through the steps to getting your loved one the care they need at home while you politely bow out and get back on track with your own life. 

If you ever caught yourself thinking, “Man, I miss my life before caregiving,” at least come hear me out!

Spots for the live webinar are limited!