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Caring for someone 55+? Switch to T-Mobile and you both can save!

My grandma’s companion, Karen, is a T-mobile subscriber and a few months ago, she shared the T-Mobile ONE plan with me.

With the T-Mobile ONE plan, for anyone over 55+, you get two lines a for a total of $60 a month (before taxes) with automatic payments. All you have to do is physically go down to the T-Mobile store and sign up.

Recently, due to iOS updates, my grandma’s iPhone screen just completely stopped responding to touch. Not sure what to do, we took it up to T-Mobile, and I used that opportunity to add a line to her plan, so we both could save money on our phone bill.

Now, for the same as what she was paying before, she can pay half, and I am chopping $15 off of my phone bill every month as well. It is a win-win for both parties!

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Graphic: Tmobile banner, Unlimited 55+ 2 lines $60/month