#FeatureFriday: VOICES: The Unseen Army of #Caregivers #takingcareofgrandma

Today I was featured on VOICES: The Unseen Army of Caregivers, a blog by Michelle Seitzer. Michelle is a boss lady eldercare storyteller and advocate.

I am very honored and excited and hope that our story will help other people like me who are family caregivers

Read the feature at http://michelleseitzer.com/voices/2017/9/8/voices-the-unseen-army-of-caregivers


Thanks, Michelle!

May 23, 2015: My own personal day that will live in infamy

May 23, 2015 is a date I refer to as the date that will live in infamy for our tiny two-lady family. We spent the day visiting the cemeteries where our loved ones are buried as we have done every year on Memorial day for as long as I can

Wordless Wednesday: Almost Perfect

It is what it is. I found matching paint.

Top 10 Reasons Caregiving is Good for You

Over the past two years, I have been learning to balance the role of a family caregiver. As the sole living relative to my grandmother, who was an only child (like myself), the responsibility of her care falls completely on me.While it is true that there are many demands and