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I, like all other family caregivers, I am always looking for tools to help me manage my caregiving role. Like most missions, caregiving means employing a combination of strategies to achieve success.

I have been using a combination of the following:

a very large calendar,
written notes, menus, and schedules on dry

Dancing with the Stars at Grandma’s House

My grandma loooooooves TV. Her life kind of revolves around the TV. Even before she got sick, she watched the same soap operas and game shows faithfully for as long as I can remember. She is meticulous about recording shows she wants to watch and could spend all day watching

Navigating the Journey Together: #OstomyDay2017

There are millions of Americans out there with ostomies and my grandma is one of them. Today we are showing off our Ostomy Awareness Day stickers we received from Hollister.

My grandma has had a colostomy for over two years now. She had the first colostomy in November 2013, which was

Decking Grandma’s halls for Halloween

I have always liked to add some holiday flair to my house when there is a special day coming up, and I do the same thing with Grandma.

Today, we hit up the Dollar Tree to get her living room ready for Halloween. It didn’t cost very much, and it got

#FeatureFriday: VOICES: The Unseen Army of #Caregivers #takingcareofgrandma

Today I was featured on VOICES: The Unseen Army of Caregivers, a blog by Michelle Seitzer. Michelle is a boss lady eldercare storyteller and advocate.

I am very honored and excited and hope that our story will help other people like me who are family caregivers

Read the feature at


Thanks, Michelle!

#WordlessWednesday #takingcareofgrandma

Found this waiting for me after a two day business trip followed by a two day trip out of town for a funeral. Secured with her winnings from going to bingo with Karen

Wordless Wednesday: a month in the life of a Family Caregiver

My pink marker is running out.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth: United Healthcare AARP House Calls

The @aarp @unitedhealthcare House Calls nurse came by last month and said she could see Grandma was being well taken care of. If your loved one has an opportunity for a nurse to come check on them, even if it’s just once a year, I highly recommend it.

At first, when

#ManicMonday: Managing Grandma’s Medications

As we get older, sometimes we require medication to help with health issues. Medication can be intimidating, especially if you are not used to taking it yourself.  I even have trouble remembering to take prescriptions when the doctor gives it to me. Unfortunately, when you are responsible for another person,

Wordless Wednesday: Now she literally has no excuse, right?

If you want to cop one of these handy Yunga Tart Walker Trays for your grandma, you can get it on at